Fancy Writing


Fancy Writing

Recently, I was clearing out my draws and found an old calligraphy set; my mum gave it to me ages ago, because she didn’t want it.
I was bored on a rainy day, so decided to give it a try. However, now I can’t get enough of it! This particular set I was given teaches ‘Italic Hand’ (I took a photo of some things I’ve written so if you’re not too sure what it is, check out the pic above  )
It is really easy to follow and quick to get into. It has improved my handwriting in general and I’ve found you can use it in so many ways:
– Writing greeting cards
– Decorating cards
– To title the cover of a book/photo album
– Gift tags
– Writing out a poem or some of your favourite song lyrics
– Writing something over and over again on a bit of paper, staining it with tea then using it as old fashioned gift wrap
– Taking time to write a nice letter to someone close to you
– And many more…
I feel like not many people take the time to sit and actually write letters and cards anymore. Italic hand is simple yet beautifully effective. It gives off a vintage feel and can make everything look that little bit nicer, it also looks like you spend more time and effort on something.
Get creative!
Any other ideas of how you could use it?

Katie Loui x


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