How to: Make a paper box -Step-by-Step


How to: Make a paper box -Step-by-Step

1. Cut up a piece of paper into a square (I used 21cm x 21cm)

*Please ignore the fold marks you don’t need to do anything yet, but they will become clear soon*

2. `Fold it in half but opposite corners to each other.

3. repeat this with the other 2 opposite corners so that when you open it out again there is a cross (x) in the middle.

4. Open it out flat again.

5. Fold the corners into the centre so that they all ‘touch’ or ‘point’ to the cross. This will make a smaller square or paper.

6. Fold it in half so it looks like a triangle. *see picture below*

Ok so this next bit gets a bit tricky…
And I am rubbish at explaining things so I will do my best. 

7. Pull up half of your triangle so that it’s adjacent to the surface you are working on.

8. Split the bit of paper sticking up down the gap (you can use 2 hands, I only used one because I had to hold my camera in the other one!)

9. Then pull the bottom corner upwards and then push it down so that it looks somewhat like this.

*I apologise for how different the pictures now look, these steps just show up better without a flash*
10. Turn over your paper and repeat step 9 on the other side.

11. Now split the paper where you see a slit with your fingers.

12. Gently pull upwards and then towards you to create this shape.

13. Pull the right flap across to the left.

14. Fold the edges into the centre.

15. Repeat steps 13 and 14 on the other side, so that it looks like this:

16. Pull on each of the tabs so that you now have a box!

I experimented with different shapes and colours… as you will see in the last picture


Of course there are plenty of ways in which you can use these cute little boxes, obviously dependant on the size in which you make them…

– Chocolate pots
– Jewellery holders
– To hold paper clips
– To hold buttons
– To put little gifts in
– To hold beads/ other craft supplies you’d normally put in a container
– To hold hair stuff
– To hold other stationary
– To hold pins/needles

Any other ideas? Happy paper folding! 🙂


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