It really hurts. Seeing someone you care about just walk away, with no reasons. I chose to write about ‘Scars’ by Papa Roach as although it is one of my favourite songs it also means something. It describes a relationship I had with a boy. It wasn’t a romantic relationship, yet it seemed we were too close to be friends.

He’s been funny with me since I started going out with another boy. However, about two weeks ago he tackled me to the floor and really hurt me. Now he never talks to me and just seems miserable.

The song mentions
‘You’re drowning in the water
So I offered you my hand
Compassions in my nature
Tonight is our last stand’

This pretty much describes everything that’s happened. He was hurt and I tried to help him but he wouldn’t take it and no matter how much he wouldn’t accept it, I still care for him so much.

It also says ‘I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I care too much’

I feel like these two lines describe me, I do care too much about people who don’t seem to give two figs about me, and I seem to end up trusting the wrong people.

I need this guy back in my life, I miss him so much. I feel like right now, I’ve sunk to the bottom of the sea of confusion and my rescuer got lost along the way. Every time I reach out he’ll look me in the eyes, start to tell me how he feels, and then turn away.

This post wasn’t a dig at this guy, I just wanted to explain how I feel and as far as I am know this guy doesn’t even know that I have my own blog.

Thanks for visiting 
Katieloui x

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