Things adults don’t understand about teens:


Things adults don't understand about teens:

-We are nocturnal and we can’t help it. We stay up late and we can manage going with a few hours of sleep.

-Our eating habits are slightly odd. We eat disgusting combinations (my latest: salami, Apple sauce, and sour cream and chive sauce in a sandwich) also we won’t always be hungry at meal times and will eat random junk out of the refrigerator at 9 at night. Deal with it.

-School is hard, and even if our grades don’t reflect it, we try our best. We spend hours revising and doing homework but sometimes we just can’t do it. (P.s most of the time us staying up late is us revising for a test we forgot about, so leave us be)

-We will be grumpy and we can’t help it, we did not ask for all these crazy hormones. Do you s we seriously think we enjoy being grumpy?

-Don’t try and “help” and tidy up our bedrooms for us… we HATE it when you touch our stuff.

-if we’re getting changed don’t walk in on us. Learn the basics of privacy; we don’t want you seeing our nakedness!

-Music is important to us. Ok?

-Don’t just randomly walk into our rooms, the door is shut because we want to keep you out!

-We aren’t all thugs, and most of us are polite genuine people. So, please don’t judge us if we’re wearing hoodies.

-We like to be loud and have fun. We don’t want to scare you 99% of the time, but we’re only young once, just let us have some freedom and be crazy for once.

-If we don’t text back it’s probably because we’re just out having a good time. But don’t complain that we don’t text back when you never do, and we normally contact you because we need you.

-Don’t get involved in our love life. Or any sort of private things, for that matter. If we want to tell you something we will.

-Give us space, we will spend time with you but sometimes we just want time alone.

-Believe it or not, we do want to make our parents proud, no matter what our background is.


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