Living in a Plastic Society.


Living in a Plastic Society.

Its all around us, engulfing us and it is totally inevitable. Stereotypes, pressure and low self-esteem. What happened to love and inner beauty? Over the years our society has developed into a skin-deep judging panel. Don’t tick all the specific boxes, you’re doomed.

The media has managed to depict a ridiculous stereotype that every woman should be skinny and made up, every man should be strong and sporty, and every child should have outstanding academic results. The reality is quite the opposite, but why should we be pressured into being someone we’re not.

Love is powerful, and it over powers any form of hatred. Love sees through every flaw. Love is the answer to pain. You see, love isn’t just the mushy stuff. Love is caring and forgiving.

Dear society,

Why did you become so shallow?

Katieloui x


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