Losing Love


My greatest fear is losing the ones I love. This isn’t just about boyfriends/girlfriends/marriage partners. Love is more than that.

I’m scared of losing my family, like my dad did. To death, to fights, through distance. Your family are where you come from, they’re your home. Could you imagine a life without them? I’m also terrified of losing my friends, Bethaz, Brian, Tasha, Abbie, Matt, Muscan, Izzy, Fionnuala, Laurence, Rosie, Ruth, Josh, Ashley. They’re crazy as hell, but I love them and they accept my craziness too.

Love is more than the mushy thing you get between two people. Love is everywhere and it engulfs souls and rises them above pain. Life without love would be a life not worth living. We all need love.

part of the daily prompt: http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/489937/61981/


2 thoughts on “Losing Love

  1. Very Hard to lose family and friends. A few years back my wife lost her father,step-mother, step-father,brother,sister,and nephew all within a two year period. Now that is hard for anyone to take. She is a strong woman but sometimes enough is enough.

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