Free falling


Free falling

On the edge. All alone, no going back. She wanted him to care, to come back and save her, but she had to do this quickly, before someone caught her. If she jumped off now, nobody would know. Her suicide would be the secret of her and the very mountain her great grandfather jumped off of when he killed himself.

It was just after sunrise, and the cool breeze sent a chilling shiver down her bony spine. Such a beautiful day, that would end in a tragedy. The rocks below were jagged, angry and dangerous. However, the danger is what reeled her in and what made her want to jump even more. She pulled herself up so that she could sit on the railings for just a few more minutes before she said goodbye. Deep down, she didn’t really want to go, but somehow she felt it was right. She wasn’t needed here anymore; her mum had kicked her out, her dad had moved away and her boyfriend had just broken up with her. There was nothing left.

She was just edging off of the railing, to fall to her freedom and a familiar hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder, and reeled her in to the safety of their arms…

(Photo source: My own, taken in Saalbach, Austria)


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