“New year, New me”


“New year, New me” the saying that gets on my last nerve.

Every year we see posts on the internet or hear people saying this, and it drives me up the wall. I understand people have the inspiration to change for the better, but that shouldn’t just happen once a year.

The classic ‘I need to get in shape’ for example. I can guarantee you that about 90% of the people who say this will have forgotten/given up by March. Also, keeping fit is important and should be something people show commitment to all year round. If you take up exercise in the new year, fair enough, but stopping after about 2 months will do nothing for you. Studies found that if a trained athlete who had been exercising for a year (or more) completely stopped exercise for 3 months they would only lose half of their fitness levels. However, with new exercisers this is a different story. Taking up exercise for 2 months and then totally stopping for the next 2, resulting in them returning to their original level of fitness before they started the exercise programme, meaning they lost all benefits.

If you want change, make it. It shouldn’t have to be just at the start of something new.

Have a happy prosperous new year

Katie x


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