2 minutes, 30 seconds


Shy, small and quiet, but for 2 minutes and 30 seconds of your life you ooze bravery and excellence. You’ve worked for this moment for a year, maybe even more that that. It’s your time to shine. Not just for you, but your team mates too.

There comes a time when you have to forget everything and let auto pilot guide you while you are embarrassingly confident, throwing everything you’ve got into this one moment. 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It’s all you’ve got.

I’m talking about cheerleading. Even if, like me, you’re as quiet as a mouse and extremely shy, you can do it. Performing in front of hundreds of people, because you have the skill. You’ve trained and trained with your team. Suffered bruises, breaks and tears. Now this is your reward.  

2 minutes and 30 seconds of bravery, is all it takes.


“New year, New me”


“New year, New me” the saying that gets on my last nerve.

Every year we see posts on the internet or hear people saying this, and it drives me up the wall. I understand people have the inspiration to change for the better, but that shouldn’t just happen once a year.

The classic ‘I need to get in shape’ for example. I can guarantee you that about 90% of the people who say this will have forgotten/given up by March. Also, keeping fit is important and should be something people show commitment to all year round. If you take up exercise in the new year, fair enough, but stopping after about 2 months will do nothing for you. Studies found that if a trained athlete who had been exercising for a year (or more) completely stopped exercise for 3 months they would only lose half of their fitness levels. However, with new exercisers this is a different story. Taking up exercise for 2 months and then totally stopping for the next 2, resulting in them returning to their original level of fitness before they started the exercise programme, meaning they lost all benefits.

If you want change, make it. It shouldn’t have to be just at the start of something new.

Have a happy prosperous new year

Katie x

I just wanna play my music


Music is my escape from life. As soon as I hit that play button and the headphones slip into my ears, I’m taken away to a parallel universe where all that exists is music and freedom. No judgements of what you listen to, just beautiful sound.

I can’t imaging my life without music. Its my constant companion when no one else will be there and is a crucial part of my daily routine. It wakes me up, motivates me and drifts me back off to sleep when the day is done. It’s also the most beautiful way to express emotion, and there is almost a song for every kind of mood, situation or argument.

music is my escape.

what’s your escape song? or stress release tune? any recommendations….

Katieloui x

Deafening silence


It’s a nervous waiting game. every second stretches into an eternity. You poured your heart out, and you can’t get it back. You sit there nervously, in silence, praying for your release. Time is ticking and the silence deafens you, your insides caving into nothingness.


You’ve just apologised to someone you outrageously betrayed, you devoted your heart and sole to them and  hope they show you mercy.

Apologising is a humungous action to take, and is even bigger than forgiveness. So, just remember, if someone doesn’t forgive you, then it is their loss. You had the guts to admit your wrongs and ask for forgiveness in the first place.

Teenagers: the older generation’s scapegoats for societies downfall.


Teenagers are the ones to blame for everything wrong in our society these days. Drugs, Alcoholism, you blame it. Yes, there are some minorities that let us down, but that’s not the whole of the story. For example, did you know that the number of people treated in hospital in England and Wales as a result of violent incidents fell by 14% in 2012. 9 times out of 10, a teenager is well behaved and too wrapped up in their studies, commitments and friends to even bother sneaking out late.

The number of first time juvenile offenders and decreased from 110,879 in 2007 to 40,717 in 2011. (source: http://www.civitas.org.uk/crime/factsheet-youthoffending.pdf)

The adults of today don’t realise how much society is changing and improving, and seem to be stuck in the past.

Adults complain that we don’t have jobs, or pay our own way. We are still in school, studying, there is literally no time for us to do so. Also, I’ll bet that more than half of them didn’t have a job at our age. There aren’t many jobs out there and the economy is going through rough times, but again this is not our fault, it should be the older generation’s responsibility if anyone is left to blame.

All us teens in Britain are perceived as noisy, reckless and outrageously irresponsible. Probably not even 10% of the teen population in the UK fit this criteria. As soon as we walk out around the area with a hood on and listening to music we are instantly labelled. We wear these clothes because they are cheap and comfortable, we can’t spend a lot on clothing as we don’t have jobs and are bound to grow out of it quickly. Music means everything to teens, so don’t deprive us of it.

“Teenagers are slobs, sleep all day and are reckless all night”. Wrong. We work hard and then end up like zombies. Want more proof? Check out my blog post on ‘teens being sleep addicts’ https://katieloui.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/the-average-sleepy-teen/

I just feel like teenagers these days are the bad guys, a few people do something wrong and we all get labelled. Did you also take into account that most of the time those who do misbehave have a bad up-bringing and they can’t help that? Didn’t think so.

Personally, I work really hard at school and try to be a positive member of the community I live in and as far as I know, so do my friends. None of us will be perfect, as we are still growing up and finding our way, but please don’t label us as the nasty thugs that you currently do.

And for now, I leave you with the famous quote from George Elliot:

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, it’s what’s inside that’s matters”