Favourite Mascaras


1) AVON super extend mascara-

I have it in black. Its great as it lasts for so long and as well as making my lashes longer, I’ve found it makes them thicker (this might just be me though!) It’s brill for parties 😉 The wand is also really fine and I find that it makes it easier to use.


2) No.7 Exquisite curl-

in black/brown 02. its great as it fans out lashes so much and I can get away with wearing it to school so easily. The brown looks better on me as I’m blonde and is much more subtle.


3) Collection’s Extreme (coloured lengthening mascara)

in blue 2. I brought this simply because of the colour and out of impulse. on my eyes it makes my eyelashes look longer than some long eyelashes I wore. the colour is really bright but sometimes doesn’t last but again is great for parties. The packaging is really bright and attractive and doesn’t get dirty easily.