get some colour in your life


out of all of my friendship group, I am the only person who wears colourful eye shadow. mostly my friends will wear nudes, subtle pinks, greys ad browns. I noticed this when we went out to a party last Friday. I wore a shimmery blue eye shadow as it went with my outfit and got a complimented for it a few times.

it made me think, sometimes, most of us are terrified to use bold colours in a makeup look. I feel like as long as the colour goes with your make up and isn’t exactly day-glow or neon it really ties your look together.

go for some colour.


favourite nail polishes



although I have very short nails as I bite them (aghh, so hard to get out of doing!!) I absolutely love painting them. these are some of my favourites. (LEFT TO RIGHT)

1) Miss Sporty -1 minute Quick Dry. COLOUR – 326 Orange Crush

I love this nail polish because of the eye-popping colour that stays and has a lovely finish. they dry in a minute (as suggested by the name) and are a great value for your money. I only have this colour, however this range has 22 shades and I’m tempted to get some more. I feel like they are more summer-y colours, but you can get away with them in the winter if they are slightly darker colours, like the purples and greys.

2) Kate Spade nail polish – COLOUR -Soho Silver

i really like this nail polish as the colour is great, and it has a very shiny and smooth finish. i found it was extremely hard to chip and lasted quite a while. This was the nail polish I wore over the Christmas holidays, and it lasted me the whole period and I wasn’t forever worrying about chipping it. Its brilliant for parties but I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday wear if you prefer subtle colour.

3) Accessorize nail polishes – COLOURS -left I think is first dance, there is no name on the bottle but I had a look on their website. Right – again, I think is Paradise Pink. Their nail polishes have such lovely names!

i absolutely love love love the finish on these nail polishes, you can’t really call it shiny so i’m going to call it glowy. it catches the light so well. the colours are lovely and girly, and I’ve looked at the range online (as i got these in a gift set) and there is a very broad spectrum. the brighter pink i would probably wear to a party or in the summer. the lighter pink i prefer for a weekend if i’m going out or for a more sophisticated sort of style. the only thing i would say about these nail polishes is that i found they chip quite easily, but hey ho i’m pretty clumsy!

Any recommendations for good nail polishes? I’m on the hunt for new ones as I’ve had a clear out of dried up ones