Favourite Mascaras


1) AVON super extend mascara-

I have it in black. Its great as it lasts for so long and as well as making my lashes longer, I’ve found it makes them thicker (this might just be me though!) It’s brill for parties 😉 The wand is also really fine and I find that it makes it easier to use.


2) No.7 Exquisite curl-

in black/brown 02. its great as it fans out lashes so much and I can get away with wearing it to school so easily. The brown looks better on me as I’m blonde and is much more subtle.


3) Collection’s Extreme (coloured lengthening mascara)

in blue 2. I brought this simply because of the colour and out of impulse. on my eyes it makes my eyelashes look longer than some long eyelashes I wore. the colour is really bright but sometimes doesn’t last but again is great for parties. The packaging is really bright and attractive and doesn’t get dirty easily.



applying foundation


there are multiple ways to apply foundation. with a sponge, many different types of brush (ahhhh) or your fingers.

I’ve found that using my fingers to apply my foundation the best for me. it makes my face look really smooth and blends everything in. it also gives your foundation a bit of a sheerer cover and as I go to school and we aren’t allowed to wear makeup this is great. also with getting ready in the morning it makes things a lot quicker for me.

I did use a sponge at one point but I found that I’d end up with a few orange marks and most of the product would be absorbed into the sponge. I can almost guarantee when I use my hands it is much cleaner. when I used a brush of a sponge I found I got more and more spots, whereas, with using my fingers I could wash them in hot water before hand to make sure there was no bacteria that would wreck my skin.

after experimenting with a sponge and failing I started using a standard foundation brush. I found it would take forever to get my foundation to perfectly blend all over my face. Then I’d have to clean the brush regularly and it was just a nightmare to be honest.

I’m not telling you to use your fingers on foundation, I’m just saying that you don’t always need to fork out on the latest product to apply your foundation. And remember, what looks great on someone else may not look to good on your skin. Keep experimenting, that’s how I found my favourite technique.

declaimer: I am in no way any sort of makeup artist or ‘beauty guru’ i’m just sharing how I find it best to apply my foundation.

get some colour in your life


out of all of my friendship group, I am the only person who wears colourful eye shadow. mostly my friends will wear nudes, subtle pinks, greys ad browns. I noticed this when we went out to a party last Friday. I wore a shimmery blue eye shadow as it went with my outfit and got a complimented for it a few times.

it made me think, sometimes, most of us are terrified to use bold colours in a makeup look. I feel like as long as the colour goes with your make up and isn’t exactly day-glow or neon it really ties your look together.

go for some colour.